How To Get Money Working At Home In More Professional Way

Friday, July 27, 2012

How To Get Money Now Easily

How To Get Money Now
So many people need money now. At times it seems hopeless but there are a number a good ways to generate cash and many of these methods are very easy. They will all take some effort and it's important to understand that if anyone is telling you otherwise you should turn and run. But let's take a look at some ways to actually get money and not have to put in crazy hours for little in return.

Method #1 - Go to your local Goodwill store and look for items that are new in the box or nearly new. When you find something see how much you have to pay for it - for instance a Norelco electric shaver in your Goodwill is selling for $5 but you look it up on eBay and discover that it's selling easily for $40. That's a $35 profit. Do this numerous times. Try to list two or three items per day and in no time at all you will have a nice amount of cash rolling in. Of course the Goodwill or thrift shop receives new inventory virtually everyday so it's in your best interest to check in often. Time requirement - shopping for and buying good re-sellable items at the Goodwill and then listing them on eBay - roughly an hour a day. A very small and utterly doable amount of time to make a very decent profit.

Method #2 - This is something you likely haven't heard of before but it's real and it's a guaranteed $1000 (at least) if you qualify. For this you must have a car you're ready to let go of that the value is well below $1000. In the state of California and numerous others you can retire your vehicle as part of their consumer assistance program and they will pay you $1000. In the state of Texas they will pay you $3000! Your car must qualify in several ways, mostly that your vehicle must fail the Smog Check. Also, approved vehicles must be driven to one of the state's authorized dismantlers and pass a visual and operational inspection before the car is purchased. But if you don't have a car or truck that qualifies you can find a real junker and buy it for a hundred bucks and you're in the dough. Why not? For virtually no effort you can generate a fast $1000 or more. Go for it! Time requirement - driving your car to an authorized dismantler (depends where they are in your area) but probably less than an hour and fill out some basic forms - approximately one and half hours.

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